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2023 Program Commitment and Schedule


"Power and Influence for Positive Impact" online course

fellows must commit to spending between 25 to 35 hours from October 11 to November 22, 2023, and successfully complete the corresponding modules and assignments before October 2023 Course Calendar  


Intrapreneur journey and insights sharing

As an integral part of the fellowship experience, each fellow will be requested to submit a short written-summary, encompassing their unique intrapreneurship journey, valuable advice, and any noteworthy insights gained during the program. This summary, comprising 1-2 pages, offers a valuable platform for fellows to share their experiences, expertise, and reflections, fostering a community of purpose-driven intrapreneurs.


“Purpose-driven value creation pathway” online seminars

October 7-8: program kick-off (1-2 hours) 

October 14-15: one seminar customized based on different intrapreneurship stages (2-3 hours)

November 18-19: one peer-to-peer learning session centered around issue focus (2-3 hours)

December 2-3: program wrap-up (1 hour)

Create sustainable impact. Join a powerful purpose-driven community. Showcase your work.

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