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We are thrilled to introduce the 'Intrapreneurs with Purpose Fellowship', a first-of-its kind fellowship designed to connect, champion, and empower young intrapreneurs within corporations who are dedicated to creating positive social and environmental impact through leveraging the power of business. 

At the core of this transformative journey lies the renowned 'Power and Influence for Positive Impact' course, developed by the founder and faculty chair of the Social Innovation and Change Initiative (SICI), Professor Julie Battilana. This signature course equips participants with invaluable skills, enabling them to influence meaningful change within their corporate ecosystems. Acknowledging the distinct nature of every intrapreneurial journey, we provide customized program content tailored to address specific areas of interest including 'Sustainability’, ‘Diversity, Equity and inclusion’, and ‘Shared Value’, as well as the Intrapreneur's stage in their journey, whether they are early-stage social intrapreneurs or seasoned veterans. The learning journey is expertly advised and facilitated by experienced intrapreneurs and scholars from Harvard and other leading universities.

This prestigious two-month fellowship is made possible through the generous contributions of our donors and scholarship opportunities provided by Harvard Social Innovation + Change Initiatives. We offer scholarship opportunities to 20 exceptional fellows, significantly reducing the program cost to a nominal $50. 

What will you gain as an 'Intrapreneurs with Purpose' Fellow? 

  • Make sustainable impact

    • Embrace your passion for social impact while continuing with the growth opportunities within your current company. Learn how to create impactful initiatives that both lead to positive social and environmental impact and advance the company’s core business objectives. Gain skills in navigating the organizations, developing sponsorship and building long term systematic changes.

  • Join a powerful, purpose-driven community

    • Become part of a strong network of purpose-driven intrapreneurs, fostering collaboration and support across diverse companies. Engage in brainstorming sessions, idea sharing, and mutual encouragement with like-minded colleagues, amplifying your collective impact.

  • Showcase your work

    • Upon successful completion, you will gain a Harvard Business School Online “Power and Influence for Positive Impact” certificate and showcase your incredible work at our website and social media platforms. Potential slots available to showcase your stories at Harvard Social Intrapreneurship Symposium in the fall.

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