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The Fellowship Experience 

Our prestigious fellowship pilot offers a 2-month immersive and enriching experience tailored for an exclusive cohort of up to 20 exceptional young intrapreneurs hailing from around the world. Meticulously crafted based on extensive research into the diverse intrapreneurs' journeys and their unique challenges, the fellowship is centered around three paramount elements: purpose-driven value creation pathways, empowerment and influence for transformative impact, and fostering a vibrant community through peer support. The program encompasses these key components:

  • “Power and Influence for Positive Impact” online course taught by Harvard Social Innovation Change Initiative’s Founder and Faculty Chair, Julie Battilana

    • For more than 10 years, the content in this course has served as a field guide to help individuals at all career levels understand how power really works and develop their own power to gain influence and make an impact within their professional relationships, organizations, and society at large. Participants will explore the fundamentals of power and the importance of relationships and networks as a source of power for all. See Course Syllabus for details. 


  • Engaging online seminars and peer-to-peer learning sessions, tailored to align with the issue focus and specific stage of the intrapreneurship journey

    • Issue Focus Tracks: To cater the unique issue focus areas of our intrapreneurs, we have crafted three distinct tracks “Sustainability”, “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” and “Share Value” for peer-to-peer learning. 

    • Customized Workshops for Different Intrapreneurship Stages: Understanding the varying requirements of intrapreneurs at different stages of their journey, our program offers tailor-made workshops, in addition to our core cross-stage content.

      • Early Stage Intrapreneurs: Engage in enriching workshops focused on pivotal themes such as opportunity identification, program design, and incentive alignment. 

      • Experienced Intrapreneurs: Our workshops for experienced intrapreneurs concentrate on vital aspects including program sustainability & scale, and driving systematic change. 


  • A selective network of like-minded, purpose-driven intrapreneurs, fostering ongoing peer-to-peer support and the potential for fruitful collaboration.

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