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Intraprenuers with Purpose

Fostering Purpose-Driven Business Pioneers

Incubated by Harvard Innovation Lab, we bring together intrapreneurs, scholars and executives to empower and promote purpose-led initiatives within Corporations.


"You’re ambitious. You’re not afraid to take risks. You want to bring about positive social change. And while your peers have left a trail of failed start-ups in their wake, you want to initiate change from within an established company, where you can have a more far-reaching, even global impact.

Welcome to the club—you’re a social intrapreneur."

by Gerald F. Davis and Christopher J. White


Who We Are

We are a team of experienced intrapreneurs from leading companies from consumer to professional service in America, Europe and Asia with a shared belief of the uptapped potential in the field of social intrapreneurship. Our initiative started from Harvard Business and Kennedy School and later gained momentum at other global leading academic institutions. We are incubated by the Harvard Innovation Labs.

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