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How do we select the Fellows? 


All applicants must be at least 18 years of age, currently working withinside for-profit companies, proficient in English, and committed to learning and participating throughout the two months of fellowship.

Candidates’ Background

Our primary focus is on empowering young social intrapreneurs with less than 10 years of working experience. We recognize that they often encounter limited support and opportunities in their intrapreneurial journey—, making our fellowship a vital platform for nurturing their potential and driving impactful change. However, we warmly welcome individuals at all levels of experience to apply.

Our fellowship aims to build a cohort of fellows who work in core business—, an array of departments, including human resources, R&D, marketing, etc., along with those in sustainability and social impact functions. Regardless of the candidate's role in the company, the ideal candidate is proactively working on shaping the company's products, processes, and culture to promote positive social and environmental impacts.


Below are some role and initiative examples:

  • Initiators of sustainable supply-chain initiatives

  • Human resources pioneers in overcoming gender bias in hiring and promotion

  • Product owners for social innovation products

  • First regional manager to design the company's holistic social impact strategy

  • Advocate for transforming the company's food portfolio to healthier options

Evaluation Criteria

We will select up to 20 exceptional and high potential young social intrapreneurs based on the following criteria 

  • Impact: Demonstrate a relentless commitment to generating positive social or environmental impact while driving core business objectives. Possess a profound understanding of the incentive structures within private companies and believe in harnessing business as a force for good.

  • Innovation: Exhibit an insatiable drive to challenge the status quo. Aspire to lead innovation across your company's products, services, processes, and people, fostering meaningful connections with the wider community.

  • Commitment: Showcase tangible progress in laying the groundwork for your initiative and exhibit unwavering dedication to elevate it to the next level.

  • Collaboration: Embrace the opportunity to collaborate within a cross-functional team in your organization and actively seek partnerships with like-minded intrapreneurs across diverse companies and industries. We encourage candidates to apply in pairs or teams from the same company, recognizing the powerful combination of individual speed and collective endurance.

  • Sponsorship: Demonstrate a proactive approach to securing key sponsorship from the senior leadership team in your company, showcasing your ability to garner support and champion your vision.


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Looking forward to hearing from you!

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